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About Me

"Julia Sternau Photography is about capturing the most beautiful parts of life's moments and saving them for posterity so that they will be remembered long after the moment is gone." ~ Julia Sternau®™


Experience the difference between memory making, not just picture taking, ~ Julia Sternau ®™ 


First and foremost I LOVE GOD.

I recently beat cancers butt ( praise God) and am living life to the fullest. <3

I love horses, every time I see one I get goosebumps on top of my goosebumps.

 I am country to the core, and you will hear it in my southern accent, so it's ok to say huh at least five times but no more, after five just insert your own word ( lol)

 I love music and walks down a country road in the fall and my kids, but the real fun is my granddaughters, they are my way of paying my daughter back for her childhood ( insert wicked evil grin here)

 I love love love love to laugh joke and cut up.

Now my hates.

 I hate bees, snakes, spiders, and bugs, and yes I am an outdoor photographer... oh and horse flies, eeeeeeeek!. And yes I live in the country on a farm ;) If I see a bee, I will only leave you until it's gone, but I'll be back! ( eventually ) hehe

 I love being behind the camera and bringing out each person's self, ensuring to capture who you are as an individual in a portrait, after all, it is YOUR portrait.


I am not the run of the mill photographer; I like each piece of my art being a little different from the other. I never seem to have a routine, after all, routines are boring so with me I say let's drag a grand piano with us on our shoot ( yes I do this.) I love being silly and goofy and making people feel at ease so that it's more than just a portrait session, it's fun and an experience you will never forget. Guys, I love when guys come to shoots with their spouse or mom, everyone knows most guys don't like portraits and don't want to smile. I guarantee you I will get at least one from this type of guy. Why? Because I set things on fire ... "for real" :) I hope to meet you and share the experience with you that is so much more than just getting your pictures taken.

 Located in Columbia, Illinois down a windy road called "Mule" road and trust me it kicks like a mule too.